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History and Values

Many people know Gillibrands through reputation, but we wanted to expand on our history and values for customers who don’t know the business yet. Our heritage, which includes over fifty years of experience, underpins the values that we bring to the business.

From 1954-2012, Gillibrands was based in a small workshop in Preston town centre. It was from here that the business grew its name and reputation, growing into a dedicated showroom in Penwortham in 2012. While here we acquired the dealership of a number of acclaimed manufacturers of wood and gas fires. 5 years on we moved into our final home in Fulwood,Preston with more live fires and exclusive ranges.

over fifty years of experience

Over half a century in the business, a certain set of values have been established. These principles govern everything we do and we stick to them. Firstly, we take what we do seriously. We care about what we sell and how our customers feel about it. We refuse to offer anything other than the best. We don’t always sell the cheapest, because that would sacrifice quality, and we never want to do this. We keep learning, building on our experience with training on new methods and products. To work with a brand, we have to truly believe in the quality of their products. Our customers mean everything to us and we try and look after them, months and even years after the install.  


If our history and values appeal to you, please get in touch, we’d love to talk.

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